Eurasian Maritime Corporation (EMC)

Eurasian Maritime Corporation (EMC) is a duly registered corporation with the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) and is fully licensed with the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) License No. POEA-057-SB-101819-R-MLC.

Eurasian Maritime Corporation (EMC) has met all legal requirements enabling her to engage in the recruitment and deployment of Filipino citizens as crew for foreign registered vessels. This company is now under new management and its varied services will be further enhanced with the addition of providing the best-qualified, most-competent and experienced crew for foreign registered vessels.

EMC management is committed to maintain a group of professional staff who are experts in the industry. They are competent, dependable and dedicated to provide excellent quality service. Imbued with high principles and ethical values, our staff continuously upgrades the company’s standard operations and quality management procedures aimed at ensuring a lasting and mutually rewarding business relationship with the Ship Owners/Managers. We ensure cost effectiveness, efficiency and increased satisfaction to our Ship Owners/Managers.


To be a leading source of Filipino crew to Ship Owners/Managers worldwide and to become their trusted partner in the business.

To maintain a pool of dynamic, competent and disciplined Filipino crew committed in pursuing global competence, while maintaining a strong sense of social responsibility. We are committed to satisfy our Ship Owners/Managers requirements through professional ethics and consistent excellent service.

To create a mutually rewarding situation for all parties involved our Clients, our Seafarers and Eurasian Maritime Corporation (EMC).


EMC quality service begins with strict and thorough screening process to make sure that they meet our Ship Owner/Managers requirement and expectations. Our crew candidates have been exhaustively interviewed and investigated. All of them are required to have relevant employment experience, up-to-date passports, valid seaman’s books, and can be deployed in a very short time.

Potential employers will have an easy process of analyzing the crew candidates as their complete files are readily available. We will also make sure that the crew candidates short-listed for interviews can be contacted and scheduled in a very short span of time. All requirements set by DMW and the Philippine government is strictly followed. These are:

  • Comprehensive physician and medical check-up (including HIV, TB and ENG 1).
  • National Bureau of Investigation Clearance (references are double checked).
  • STCW’95 certificate (including all safety procedures , life saving, fire fighting and first aid).


  • We pool applicants for various sea-based positions.
  • We ask them to submit a very comprehensive resume, stating their educational and work background, especially in the sea-based position they are applying for, with authentic documents pertaining to their previous work, training and competencies attended.
  • We interview them in person (focusing on their qualifications, work experiences, personal appearance and attitude).
  • We keep their data on file.
  • If a client is in need of a particular crew position, we check our database as to the best possible and available candidates to be endorsed.
  • We email the Comprehensive Information Sheet of the short-listed candidates to the Captain/Manager/Owner.
  • When the Captain/Manager/Owner requests for an interview with the short-listed candidate, we facilitate the schedule, dependent on the request of the Captain/Manage/Owner.
  • When the Captain/Manager/Owner make final decision as to which candidate they want, we then proceed with the necessary paperwork in order for the crew to be deployed.
  • We let the chosen candidate undergo complete Medical check-up, including Dental and Physiological testing.
  • We process their contracts with the corresponding government agencies here in the Philippines .
  • We secure VISA for the joining crew.
  • We arrange flight schedule for the joining crew.
  • We facilitate monthly allotments of the crew and other accounting matters.
  • We remit government-mandated contributions and remittances and other related services.

Eurasian Maritime Corporation (EMC), in compliance with the laws of the Philippine government and/or DMW, will remit payments such as Social Security System (SSS/Medicare deductions, HDMF and the distribution of the monthly remittances of the crew.

Our agency is looking forward to offer our services to your company’s requirements.